Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Extremely Important Petition?"

"Yeah yeah, just leave it over there by the Smithrite."

YEOWTCH! Those fetus fetishists are real gluttons for punishment. About 30 of them showed up at the Governor-General's place today with their mighty petition to revoke Henry Morgentaler's Order of Canada in hand. A nattering knot of nitwits arrived at Rideau Hall looking for a little pomp and circumstance as they handed the petition over to the GG and the Prime Minister *up close and personal*. But -- ho ho! Not today!:
"A group of anti-abortion activists was forced to leave a petition calling for the revocation of Dr. Henry Morgentaler's Order of Canada award at the gates of Rideau Hall Wednesday afternoon.

No official from the Governor General's official residence was on hand to accept the 30,000 signatures that had been collected by the Silent No More Campaign.

National co-ordinator Angelina Steenstra said she was not disappointed with the turnout of 30 or so activists since the petition showed how many people across the country support their position.

"Not disappointed" -- well, I don't doubt that. The petition itself (after 8 weeks, only 30,000 signatures out of supposedly a million people who object?) probably knocked all the disappointment out of her like the stuffing out of a cabbage patch doll. And so, with no pomp or circumstance, the petition was left at the gate (next to the recycle bin).

It's unclear what gave these zygote zealots the idea that they were important enough to warrant face time with either the GG or the PM, let alone an audience of both at once -- maybe the same thing that led them to believe they could renovate Canada using the Republic of Gilead as a template.