Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taking a closer look

It's melting, melting... the number of *legitimate* organizations on The List of 42™ now stands at 26. And as Buckets toiled tirelessly into the night, just for fun I decided to take a closer look at some of the "organizations" that remained to see if I get in on some of this sweet Chuckstomping, credibility-shredding action.

I started with "United Families Canada". UFC doesn't appear to have its own website, but there's a United Families International. "United Families Canada" isn't in UFI's list of chapters, but under "Projects" there's a link to a site called "Restore Marriage Canada", which claims to be a project of "United Families Canada".

United Families Canada has no website, no phone number, and -- great snappin' assholes, it's the Ghost of KLRVU, back to haunt me! But with no web presence, no contact info other than this email addy for "Restore Marriage Canada", and no way of finding out who heads up this group, should it even qualify as a "group"?

Or if UFC is really just UFI, an American organization, should they really be named in a complaint against a Canadian SC justice? Who knows, maybe anyone in the world can file a complaint... or maybe this is just another case of "astroturfing for Jesus". Seriously, if all that's needed is an email addy, any asshole could set up an "organization".

For all its amorphousness, United Families Canada has a few supporters. While I was searching for UFC on Google, I ended up on a "men's rights" blog that had a post about United Families Canada from back when the socons were furiously campaigning to roll back equal marriage. The site "masculinisme" is predictably anti-feminist, but its blogroll is the real motherlode of misogyny, linking sites with names like "women are sexists", "exposing feminism", "feminist filth", "feminists are the real terrorists" and "dump your wife now"... huh!? "Dump your wife now"!? That doesn't sound like family values stuff to me! Anyway, it's a seriously misogynist little web-scab. Which made me wonder why, when I scrolled down to the bottom, I found this:

Huh!?? Oh SUZANNE, you nefarious little gender-traitor, you! BUSTED!!!

UPDATE: Did I say 26 groups? D'oh! 25, baby!