Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let the good times (and letters to the Globe & Mail) roll!

HAHAHAHAHA! Here in the Miscreants' Corner, it's been an asskickingly good time today since law blogger Christopher Bird took the fundies' complaint against Justice Beverley McLachlin out to the parking lot for a good beat down. But it's not all fun and games. There's work to do.

What have we got? Let's recap:

1. An entity misrepresenting itself as "42" groups, organizations, coalitions, circlejerks, whatever, when in fact (as meticulously documented by Buckets), there are at best 28 27 groups.

2. Even some of the "groups" within the
Gang of 42™ were found not to be groups at all, but rather ideologically like-minded individuals. Sophistry like this -- a woman who runs a one-person wedding and marriage counseling service under the name of "Together for Life Ministries" and is counted as "an organization" -- is rampant.

3. According to Christopher Bird's spectacular smackdown, from a legal standpoint the complaint itself is bogus, misrepresenting not only the people who filed it, but Justice McLachlin, the Order of Canada process and the law itself:
"The Canada Family Action Coalition and their “42 organizations” have misrepresented themselves, misrepresented Chief Justice McLachlin and misrepresented the law. This is dishonest."
4. We have our intrepid mainstream media, who without a second of research or critical thought, swallowed whole the story barfed up by one of the shysters who's running this pernicious little scam, then regurgitated it for public consumption. (Including continuing to call McVety "doctor", a title he may or may not have earned.)

Those are the pieces to the puzzle.

Now. All summer long, McVety and his fellow socon travellers have been grousing and whining, gasping and swooning, shrieking and fainting about the Morgentaler Order of Canada. They've tried protests, facebook groups, medal returns, MASSIVE polls and more, all to no avail. The complaint against Justice McLachlin is just one more item in a laundry list of failed fetus fetishist fuckery. But MASSIVE POLLs are one thing, trying to have a Supreme Court Chief Justice impeached is another.

It's long past time for the MSM to look at the puzzle we've obligingly pieced together ('specially Buckets and Christopher) and publish the truth: start exposing these cheap chiselers and theocratic snake oil salesmen for the frauds they are. To start, let us make a not-so-joyful noise unto the Globe & Mail. To start.

UPDATE: Antonia Z gets it. If only the rest would follow her lead.