Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heck hath no fury a socon scorned, and after he unloaded on the CFAC's complaint against Justice McLachlin in the National Post yesterday, Colby Cosh might be feeling some socon wrath. (But like most of us, he probably doesn't care.)

Cosh's op-ed hit one out of the park: he called the CFAC's letter of complaint "bizarre" and jeered at the Massive 42 Organizations™ that supposedly signed on to it, putting "42 organizations" in "quotes". HA! He even referenced some of the original information turned up by Buckets in his research on the CFAC's astroturfing, and appropriately disgusted at yet another odious example of socon sleight-of-hand, proceeded to tear the CFAC and their complaint 8 new assholes:
"CFAC’s letter of complaint is a bizarre document even if one overlooks the sheer improbability of having a Chief Justice cashiered over some supposed act of jiggery-pokery involving the Order of Canada. CFAC’s Web site, whereupon the hyperlink to the letter is currently broken, has marshalled “42 organizations” in support of their missive; eccentrically, the “organizations” include several small businesses (Can Am Fabricating and Welding stands strong in favour of life!) and at least one private citizen."
"Its arguments, rest assured, are no less weird. The Constitution of the Order states that a member may be terminated if his conduct marks “a significant departure from generally-recognized standards of public behaviour which is seen to undermine the credibility, integrity or relevance of the Order.” According to CFAC, Morgentaler’s years of challenging abortion law are obviously in violation of “the norms of society”: Ergo, the Chief Justice of Canada must be fired. It’s simple logic, people!"
But socon Johnny Quest was not pleased, leaving this odourific little diatribe on the carpet of the comments section:

HRCs attacking socon groups!?? Feminazis driving them out of universities? The Broadcast Standards Council rendering them too controversial for airtime!? They have their own 24/7 channel, fer fuck sake. JQ's brain is clearly squirming like a toad on crack, but his comments highlight the delusional persecution complex that characterizes the religious right. They truly believe that if they can't tell everyone else how to live, they're being silenced, censored and persecuted.

More of this, please: more articles like Cosh's, taking these cretins to task, and more public displays of inanity like Johnny Q's comment. And more questions before taking these people at their word about who they are and what credentials they've earned.