Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't call us "goofballs", babykiller.

We have a pulse! Yesterday Cliff Pyle, "Life Ministry Co-ordinator" of Saskatchewan "Lutherans For Life" (and husband of Life Canada's Saskatchewan rep, Nicole Pyle) responded to Colby Cosh's merciless smackdown of the CFAC's absurd complaint against Justice Beverley McLachlin. Boo hoo hoo!:
"Colby Cosh's ad hominem attack on Brian Rushfeldt and Canada Family Action Coalition shows how liberal thinking operates in our fair land: If you don't agree with it, attack it with animus and subjectivity.

His comment about "Punting deeper still into goofball territory" is language unbecoming of a journalist."

"Lutherans for Life" is one of the groups clinging tenuously to life on the updated list of the "42 Organizations™©®etc.etc"... though Cliff didn't mention Colby Cosh's derisive snort about the veracity of Rushfeldt's "42" ("CanAm Fabricating & Welding stands strong in favour of life!"). No, it was being referred to as "goofball territory" that Mr. Pyle just couldn't abide.

Truth hurts, I guess. If these people don't like being ridiculed, maybe they should stop being ridiculous. Until then, I see no reason not to continue unabatedly deriding and mocking them with great gusto and uninhibited joy.