Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin -- A neocon reaction

David Frum is not pleased. Money quote:
"If anything were to happen to a President McCain, the destiny of the free world would be placed in the hands of a woman who until the day before Friday was a small-town mayor.

Mr. McCain's supporters argue that he is more serious about national security than Barack Obama. But the selection of Sarah Palin invites the question: How serious can he be if he would place such a neophyte second in line to the presidency? Barack Obama at least balanced his inexperience with Mr. Biden's experience. What is Mr. McCain doing?"

What else: he's throwing a bone the socon base that still remembers him calling them "agents of intolerance", and they're so cataclysmically feeble-minded that they're going for it. McCain's convinced them to come out and vote rather than sitting this one out by choosing a VP so virulently anti-choice that she opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. But you have to have a real hate in your heart for women to hold such an extreme position, so this obviously isn't about reaching anyone but those who have no interest in issues beyond other peoples' crotches. It's about getting the soconuts out to vote on election day, and the strategy goes not one day further.

It should be fun to see what happens as this reality settles in with sane conservatives.

UPDATE: If this was about attracting women voters, it was a gross miscalculation.