Friday, August 29, 2008

US Election: pro-choicers ask the candidates

Now this is frightening.

In the afterglow of what I like to think of as the "Summer of Pro-Choice Vindication", and with an election about to rear its ugly, snarling head, Harper was asked recently by Dion to clarify where he stands on abortion rights. While his reply was a bit nebulous for my liking, Harper obviously cares more about staying in power than he does about that particular issue. Not that complacency is ever an option, eternal vigilance being the price of freedom -- as Bill C-484 showed. But still.

Now compare that happy state of affairs to what's going on south of the border, where pro-choice activists are advising voters to ask the candidates about contraception:
"Access to contraception is the only proven way to reduce unwanted pregnancy rates. It's no wonder that Americans on both sides of the abortion debate overwhelmingly support contraception. Yet few know that more and more candidates vying for their vote don't. Across the U.S., anti-abortion organizations have added anti-contraception activities to their agenda and expect those they help get elected to office to join in these efforts. Since this issue isn't on most voters' radar, most complacently comply." [...]

"The questions being posed to candidates on all other critical issues facing the nation today demand cogent and solution-oriented answers. A candidate isn't considered serious about the economy without answers on how to create new jobs. Who would be labeled pro-environment without a position on fighting noxious emissions? No discussion of escalating gas prices is complete without a candidate explaining his or her position on energy alternatives too.
But, oddly, no anti-abortion candidates are ever asked about their position on contraception despite the fact that their views on the matter often differ dramatically from what the public wants and what works." (emphasis mine)
Oh, the dishonesty, the obfuscation, the stealth. Just another thing to watch for, and another reason to be goddamn glad to live in Canada.