Monday, September 29, 2008


Is it "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" again already? Katie Couric did a second interview with Sarah Palin today... but this time John McCain was there to defend her brainless remarks about Pakistan. It's painful... but watch if you dare:

Oh my god, that was excruciating... you can just see McCain thinking "I hope they believe this bullshit" as he explains that a question from a voter is "Gotcha Journalism". Oh please. It wasn't a journalist who asked the question that Palin fucked up so badly, it was an ordinary citizen. And she needs a babysitter to make excuses for her and stop her from making any more mindblowingly stupid comments?

On the other hand, why the hell not? Maybe a Vice Presidential Babysitter isn't a bad idea -- if someone had been babysitting Dick Cheney on that fateful day in February 2006, an old guy might not have gotten shot in the face.