Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miller Beer behaving badly again!

Oh dear, tut-tut, tsk-tsk, gasp, swoon etc. That evil rainbow-coloured bottle cap can only mean one thing: Miller's at it again, celebrating diversity... the bastards! Boycott! SHRIEEEEEEEK!:
"When LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) last week contacted Mike Setto, the Michigan party store owner who helped spark a nationwide protest of Miller (now MillerCoors) beer in October 2007, following their sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair, he was stunned to hear that MillerCoors had purchased a centerfold advertisement in this year's program.

Last year Miller apologized for their association with the "disrespectful" activities the fair is known for. Those who spearheaded the boycott that provoked the apology had been led to believe that the issue was satisfactorily put to rest and that Miller would no longer associate itself with the sadomasochistic sex fair.

When asked whether he would resume the boycott, Setto said, "Hold me on this: I will take everything out of my store with Miller, because I will not hesitate to do that again. I will not, because I am so upset at this moment, it ruined my whole day. I just can't believe it.""

Mikey doesn't like it -- it ruined his whole day. Break out the violins! Weirdly, Mikey is about 2000 miles away from the hissing crater of burning evil where the Folsom Street Fair rocks and rolls in Frisco. You'd think it was happening across the street, not across the country. Oh, boo hoo hoo!

Last year, in response to the Catholic League's boycott, Miller dropped out as a sponsor of the fair -- and the Catholic League was satisfied with that. As long as Miller wasn't sponsoring the event, they wouldn't be boycotted, promised the CL's bilious bloviator Bill Donohue. But (surprise surprise) they lied. This year, although Miller isn't sponsoring the event as per the Catholic League's ridiculous demands, the goalposts have shifted and now Miller can't even buy an ad in the event's program.

That's the problem with caving in to imbeciles like Mikey and his idiotic fellow travellers in the Catholic League... they never stop. Give 'em an inch... (finish that sentence however you like).