Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He loves it

And so do I:

"A provincial pro-life group is endorsing two federal Conservative candidates in Winnipeg -- even though one doesn't want to be publicly identified, the group's leader says." [...]

"One candidate is Conservative Rod Bruinooge, who is angling for re-election in the Winnipeg South riding. Slykerman said a second candidate -- identified by a media report as Trevor Kennerd, running in Winnipeg South Centre -- doesn't like his name being used.

"I can't say for one... he doesn't like to have his name stand, but Rod Bruinooge does," Slykerman said." [...]

"Slykerman said Bruinooge has happily accepted her offer to help.

"He loves it," she said. Slykerman said, however, she was unable to divulge the identity of the other candidate after that candidate told her not to disclose it."

Little late for that, wouldn't you say? Fuck, these fetus fetishists are so cataclysmically dull-witted. Trevor Kennerd's name and endorsement by Campaign Life Coalition are all over the internets, including in that same article.

So who is this guy Kennerd? The Globe & Mail says he's one of the ones to watch. Can't say I disagree, especially if he's being endorsed by Campaign Fetus Fetish but isn't being forthcoming about it. What else might he not be upfront about?