Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PBS strikes back!

Remember the Palin poll on the PBS website? The one that the fundie groups were sending all their members urgent emails about, instructing an immediate freepage assault?:
"PBS has a short video on Sarah Palin on the website. Also included is a poll that asks: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?

I logged on a few minutes ago and 37
% had voted YES, 62% NO.

Let's turn this around..... You don't have to give your name or email address in order to vote. It's very simple.

PBS hates conservatives."
Yeah, that's the one! Well, PBS caught the play and now they are the Pissed Broadcast System:
"I am writing in reference to the now famous "Palin poll" that appeared on the NOW on PBS homepage on September 5." [...]

"PBS headquarters made the decision on September 22, to implement a cookie registration system on the Palin poll. That system is now part of the poll's inner code, and as of September 23, a user can only vote once per computer. PBS acted because the entire pbs.org site had been experiencing system overload due to massive accessing of the poll."
HAHAHAHAHA, no more freeping, wingnuts! Of course, PBS is just doing this because they hate conservatives.