Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Liberal Media discredits Palin's Bridge claims

Sarah Palin's claim that she opposed the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere", an outright falsehood that's important in part because it's being used in a McCain campaign commercial, was discredited in short order yesterday by that bastion of leftard moonbattery, the Wall Street Journal:
"The Bridge to Nowhere argument isn't going much of anywhere.

Despite significant evidence to the contrary, the McCain campaign continues to assert that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told the federal government "thanks but no thanks" to the now-famous bridge to an island in her home state.

The McCain campaign released a television advertisement1 Monday morning titled "Original Mavericks." The narrator of the 30-second spot boasts about the pair: "He fights pork-barrel spending. She stopped the Bridge to Nowhere."

Gov. Palin, who John McCain named as his running mate less than two weeks ago, quickly adopted a stump line bragging about her opposition to the pork-barrel project Sen. McCain routinely decries.

But Gov. Palin's claim comes with a serious caveat. She endorsed the multimillion dollar project during her gubernatorial race in 2006. And while she did take part in stopping the project after it became a national scandal, she did not return the federal money. She just allocated it elsewhere."

She didn't even return the federal funds once the project was scrapped? Oink oink oink!