Monday, September 08, 2008

On the verge of a majority?

Or hanging on for dear life?

This is shaping up to be a weird election (though not nearly as weird as the one south of the border). Is Harpie on the verge of a majority government?:
"A Canadian poll released on Monday predicted for the first time that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be able to transform his minority government into a strong majority in the October 14 election."
-- ugh!... or is the only reason he's calling this election NOW so he can hang on to what he's got?:
"Stephen Harper's determination to force a fall election has many people wondering: "Why now?" In spite of his failure to create the winning conditions for a majority, the PM continues to enjoy an almost mythical reputation as a political genius. But if he is such a gifted strategist, why is he cocking the election gun when his party is in no position to improve its minority status?

The simple answer is this: As time passes, his party's fortunes will only slide southward."

If one believes polls, it's Harper's election to lose. But last time over 60% of us voted for someone other than Harper. What has he done that's convinced more of us to vote for him this time? If Harper is in a position to win a majority, it's because the other parties haven't given the electorate a compelling reason to vote for them, and the incumbent CPC wins by default.