Friday, October 10, 2008

On Dion and "gaffes"

So Dion had an awkward interview moment -- part of an interview that was supposed to have been re-done and not aired -- and over that the CPC, enabled by CTV, goes apeshit? Their reaction seems a little mean-spirited and overwrought to me. And the National Post (yes, that National Post) concurs:
"Liberal leader Stephane Dion misunderstands a complicated question and the Conservatives trot out leader Stephen Harper to declare it the definitive proof this Liberal leader is unfit to serve as prime minister." [...]

"Aside from the questionable ethics of CTV airing a segment when both Mr. Dion and interviewer Steve Murphy twice agreed to restart the interview to clarify the question, this is a damning insight into how desperate the Conservatives have become in their battle to belittle a Liberal leader they never dreamed could pose a threat to their government.

Before showing the unedited video that both sides had agreed not to air, CTV host Mike Duffy urged Canadians to fire up their video recorders to capture a moment he predicted would haunt the Liberal leader for the rest of the campaign."
The CPC called this election thinking they'd sail straight to victory and a majority government. Now they're not so sure they'll even win a minority, and this kind of picky nastiness just highlights their rapidly-evaporating confidence. But hey, looks good on them to show their true colours, however inadvertently.

Oh yeah, and Mike Duffy is a douchebag and CTV blows dead bears.