Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wall Street -- Who's to blame?

Last night the US Senate voted to cave in to the extortionist thugs on Wall Street and pass the bailout bill. The bill has one more stop in the House before it passes, thus assuring those who get rich making insane financial decisions that they can keep doing it with impunity.

Who's to blame for this mess? The wretched little greedheads on Wall Street? The Religious Right has the answer: "It's Teh Gheys!" No, really:

“Companies that promoted anti-family policies have learned the hard way that such policies are bankrupt,” said Mathew Staver, dean of the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University School of Law. “K-Mart learned its lesson several years ago. Washington Mutual and Wachovia, both of which actively promoted the homosexual agenda, have come to realize that anti-family policies will bankrupt the bottom line.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council blamed the lack of family values for the meltdown. “As there’s a breakdown in the family and the family weakens, it’s only logical it will hit Wall Street,” Perkins said. “A nation cannot be strong just because of a financial structure alone. It has to have strong families and values.”

Rainbow, pot of gold -- get the connection? You only wish I was kidding.