Thursday, October 02, 2008

Women go back to Obama

I don't like to get too excited about polls because they change like the weather, but there's definitely a trend building and it's good news all over for Barack Obama. Time has him at 50% overall, and even Rasmussen (which tends to favour the GOP) has him at 51%. He's taken the lead in several swing states, including the pivotal Florida.

Two things are bringing voters to Obama: worries about the economy and, most interestingly (to me, anyway), women voters are returning to the Dems faster than Sarah Palin initially brought them to the GOP. Time:
"Propelled by concerns over the financial crisis and a return of support from female voters, Barack Obama has opened a formidable 7-point lead over John McCain, reaching the 50% threshold among likely voters for the first time in the general campaign for President, according to a new TIME poll." [...]

"Among the poll's most dramatic findings: McCain is losing female voters faster than Sarah Palin attracted them after the Republican National Convention. Obama leads McCain by 17 points with women, 55%-38%. Before the conventions, women preferred Obama by a margin of 10 points, 49%-39%. After McCain picked Palin as his running mate, the gap narrowed to a virtual tie, with Obama holding a 1-point margin, 48%-47%."
See? Heather Mallick was right. Our vaginas do not call out to each other and demand some kind of weird solidarity, regardless of a candidate's credentials (or lack thereof).

So, hahaha, remind me again what it was that Palin brings to the GOP ticket?