Monday, June 05, 2006

8 Heads In A Duffel Bag, Iraq-Style

This grisly discovery was made in Iraq on Friday. Who's responsible? Insurgents? Terrorists? Nope, US-trained Iraqi cops, by the looks of it, since 5 of the heads were last seen still attached to their respective bodies after being arrested by the police.

Iraq's sectarian civil war is alive and well. The insurgency may be mostly Sunni, but the majority Shi'ites who are supposedly on side with the coalition appear to be a pretty bloodthirsty bunch as well. As the civil war ramps up and coalition forces depart, no doubt Iran will step in to help their brother Shi'ites. The end result will be a bloodbath, followed by the establishment of an Islamic republic aligned with, if not a de facto part of, Iran. I'm pretty sure that wasn't what Bush/Cheney and company set out to accomplish, but really, how could they not know this would happen? Their abysmal ignorance of the region is truly stunning.