Sunday, August 13, 2006

*Sniff* What's that smell?

Well, you had to know this was coming.

Looks like the imminent "terrorist plot" uncovered last week was not quite as urgent as we were led to believe. NBC News revealed yesterday that the Brits had intended to continue their surveillance of this alleged terrorist group for "at least another week to get more evidence", but the white house pushed them to reveal the plot now. (No way, really? Get out.)

The Bush administration knows that their most potent weapon against political opponents, 9/ll, no longer works like it used to. They need a real terrorist threat to bring back the horrific memories and gut-wrenching fear that propelled them to victory in 2004. While it's not surprising they'd use this strategy (lie), the really despicable thing about it is that as these false alarms make us increasingly "terrorism-fatigued", we'll be less likely to recognize a real threat when it arrives, which it will. Afterwards, I hope everyone will remember who made us so numb that we couldn't see it coming.

(via Canadian Cynic)