Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Smackdown!

Yesterday,'s Timothy Bloedow responded in the comments section of Rational Reasons to the take-no-prisoners message that Mike fired off to him a couple of days ago. An excerpt from that response:

"2. You say, that I am, for want of a better word, evil. With a worldview as developed as your is, it is a great weakness to your beliefs that you haven't come up with a better word, because an atheistic worldview has no logical basis for the concepts of good and evil."

...because of course, only a "christian" knows the difference between right and wrong; the rest of us are just floating in a netherworld of moral relativism and need to be shown The Way. This and a lot of other smug-ass religio-psychotic bullshit was immediately answered by another delightful smackdown as Mike, Dave and others threw down and put the boots and chains to this fascist freak. Rumble!

And now, my post, Mike's and Dave's are on some kind of socon listserv and they're watching. Site meters are wonderful things, so are screen shots. Govern yourselves accordingly, freaks: we're watching, too.