Friday, November 09, 2007

Batshit is as Batshit does

You all remember Jill Stanek, the anti-choice Wingnut Daily columnist whose commenters' 30-day Prayer Assault was beaten back in our great victory, Operation Prayer Shield. (The fine folks at Bastard.Logic can still taste the lingering victory of Operation Prayer Shield 2.)

I've noticed an odd phenomenon with anti-choicers lately; an intense interest in the entertainment industry and the grasping for anything that looks in the slightest way like it might be construed to support their cause. Obviously trying to make their unpopular stance look more popular than it really is, it's often wishful thinking with embarrassing results. Remember the Mes Aieux song that had them jacking off with joy a few months ago because they thought it was an anti-abortion anthem, only to be bitchslapped by the unequivocally pro-choice band? (Yet some of them are posting the song again in a bid to get the Pope to visit Quebec next year... isn't that kind of, well, the definition of insanity?)

But back to Jilly, who appears to have gone completely off the deep in her desperate search for anti-choice movie icons. Those so-called "pro-life family values" are showing a dark side -- it seems that serial killers and wife-beating mafiosi now qualify for the "pro-life family values" imprimatur. No, really? Yes, really. Feministe has the gory details...