Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh no...

What's SUZANNE got on her mind?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! "What if I got sued?" What if, eh? There's an easy answer to that question: to avoid getting sued, avoid doing THIS:

Example. Let's say you're an anti-choice blogger, and you're planning to write something nasty about, oh I don't know, maybe an abortion provider? Something like, oh you know, that he's aborted fetuses the day before they were due to be born, or something carrrraaazay like that. You better make damn sure you've got your facts straight and your ducks in a row and you aren't, you know, talking out of your ass. Do your research, cite credible sources. (Hint: "lifesite" isn't one of them.) Police blotters are good.

That said, it never hurts to have an attorney on retainer, just standing by in case things go sideways. As well they might if you plan on trusting all your worldly goods to your spouse. Ask Paul McCartney where that long and winding road goes.

UPDATE: Sometimes I scare myself. (Note date/timestamps.)