Friday, March 21, 2008

Stockie in Charge, Part Duhx

Why does the Harper government keep giving this bozo such important assignments? Here's another one that sounds like it should work out well:
"Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says he has taken the first major step in reforming the RCMP, announcing the creation of a new council to oversee the overhaul of the force.

"It's one more step toward the changes that have to take place to make this organization even stronger than it is today," Day said Thursday morning.

The appointment of the implementation council, chaired by David McAusland, a top executive at Alcan Inc., is one of the key recommendations laid out by a task force that was asked by Ottawa to investigate structural problems plaguing the RCMP."

If anyone wants the top secret details on the re-organization, I guess they can be found in the dumpster behind Hy's Restaurant, in the file labeled "Top Secret Security Stuff and Junk Like That".