Thursday, May 22, 2008

Canada Wordmark Scandal - Redux!

Where oh where does it end? Is there no limit to the mindblowing hubris of these fetus fetishizing swine?

We all remember the gruesome Canada Wordmark scandal from last year, when anti-choicers were caught! using the wordmark on one of their "March For Life" banners -- without permission. Naughty naughty, fetus fetishists... see this thing? That's the thing that means the Canada Wordmark isn't to be used without permission -- to do so is known as "illegal", aka "against the law", and last year it resulted in an investigation by the Treasury Board and a C&D order from the Government against Campaign Life Coalition, the anti-choice screechers who throw this little shindig. CLC promised to immediately remove the wordmark and never ever to ever ever use it again without permission. But they must have had their fingers crossed and been lyin' fer Jesus, because iiiiiiiit's back!

Birth Pangs has the story and they are on fire, baby!

Once is a possible (though not probable) oversight... twice, it starts to look suspicious. Especially after a C&D order. So what kind of fuckery is afoot with these zygote zealots? What are they trying to pull? We can't know for sure, because we certainly can't rely on them to come clean about it. But my guess would be that it's another propaganda tool, the power of subliminal suggestion, to give the impression that the march for life has the support of the government. If people already think it has government support, it might be a little easier to actually get government support.

Look, I don't mind them doing their fetus-y thang on Parliament Hill once a year. Although I disagree with their cause vehemently (especially since its intention is to relieve me of some of my rights), I still think it's good for citizens to exercise their right to demonstrate. So it's fine with me if they want to go out and voice their opposition to womens' rights -- just don't do it using a symbol of which I'm a part-owner. I hope I don't have to attend the march for life myself just to make sure my property isn't being abused -- if I do, I'll be bringing a zippo and a bag of marshmallows to roast.