Monday, May 19, 2008

Kitty Report

No kitten mash-up yet, but the Time is close.

Kitty, who still languishes nameless, is becoming increasingly rotund. I can feel the kitteh-fetuses she's packing -- occasionally, when she's lying on her side, I can even see the little guys kicking and moving around. That's apparently a sign that they're about to make an appearance within days. *urk*

She seems to be roaming around the house a little more, possibly looking for a good nest, so I've put blankets in places that I *hope* she'll choose -- under the bed, under the couch, under the workbench, and of course in the one place she's least likely to use, her whelping box (or whatever the feline version is called). And roly-poly as she is, she's figured out how to jump up on top of the fridge, where I keep her food and water. (If it's on the floor, I have to race the dog to it the second she comes indoors.)

The dynamics of the cat/dog relationship are changing as the cat ever-so-slowly muscles her way into getting the upper hand -- rather than run away, kitty now seems to be standing her ground a little more when the dog approaches. She's clearly not in the mood for friendship, though -- in fact, I'd say her little heart is full of hate for all things canine -- but at least she's not terrified, just angry: an angry little pregnant cat who's about to become un-pregnant, maybe later this week.