Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pot, kettle, blah blah

Oh, this is special. Georgie's in the Middle East lecturing Arabs about legitimate elections and womens' rights:
"Bush urged countries to make their economies more diverse, open to free trade, with lower taxes and protection for intellectual property rights.

He called for political changes that bring competitive, legitimate elections where leaders are held to account..." [...]

Legitimate elections... *cough*Diebold*cough*... Leaders held to account? What's that?

"He urged an expansion of women's rights as "a matter of morality and of basic math. No nation that cuts off half its population from opportunities will be as productive or prosperous as it could be..." "
Very nice rhetoric if it wasn't for the theocratic juggernaut that propelled Georgie into a second term 4 years ago -- those Focus On The Family types who'd like nothing more than to return women to the pre- legal abortion, pre- birth control (and therefore, pre-career) dark ages. I guess because we're allowed to drive to work and don't wear burkhas that get in the way of the gearshift lever, we're supposed to be thankful for small favours. Well, bugger that: hit the road, Georgie, you baffled little turkey.