Friday, September 07, 2007

GOP to Craig: "You're going, right?"

Following bathroom bad boy Larry Craig's change of heart about his resignation earlier this week, his terrified fellow Repugs are saying: "Never mind that, he's going!":

"WASHINGTON — Idaho's senior Republican congressman called on Sen. Larry Craig on Thursday to make it clear he will leave his seat by Sept. 30, as GOP leaders sought to remove any doubt that the embattled senator will resign within weeks.

Craig's chief spokesman said his boss had dropped virtually all notions of trying to finish his third term, which ends in early 2009. But prominent Republicans in Washington and Idaho wanted a firm deadline in hopes of putting the controversy behind them." [...]

"Craig, 62, announced Saturday his intention to resign by Sept. 30, after the newspaper Roll Call published an account of his arrest and conviction. Most Senate Republican leaders praised his decision, and were alarmed by Craig's subsequent change in tone.

On Wednesday they renewed their efforts to persuade him to step aside soon. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., spoke by phone with Craig on Wednesday and later told reporters: "I thought he made the correct decision, the difficult but correct decision to resign" on Saturday. "That would still be my view today.""

Hahahaha! You hope! Craig's probably just trying to hang in there until the next Republican gets caught cruising a public washroom, to see what that guy does. If history is any indicator, it shouldn't be too long.