Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where's the Fetusmobile©

Remember the bigass transport truck adorned with gory graphics of fetoids that was cruising around Calgary last month? I sure remember it, since it was indirectly responsible for me (and my friends!) being targeted by a Full-Scale 30-Day Prayer Assault. You don't forget something that results in being Pummeled by Prayer.

It's been about a month since the Fetusmobile© hit the road with a big splash (or "splat!", heh), but I haven't heard anything about it since. What a disappointment, it was supposed to be causing such a huge Media Uproar. I surfed over to the official website of the Calgary Fetus Truckers ("Just give me 40 fetuses and I'll turn this rig around!"), the "Canadian Centre for Bioblahblah Ethicayaddayaddaboring Refetuswhatever" to see where the Fetusmobile© is popping its wheelies this week, and ... nothing! Google google, nope: I couldn't find a thing about it anywhere, not since the little flurry of publicity it got the first day it tore up the road. Is it still rolling? Or did the wheels fall off? Those trucks only get about 8mpg on the highway, so maybe they've got that old truck working a "night job" hauling a little contraband, swag or -- who knows?

Not much of a stretch, actually, from the fetus guy to the King Crimson guy. Which makes me think... people have been rightly concerned about the Fetusmobile©'s traumatizing effect on little kids -- never mind that, what about acidheads? It's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure if I'd seen the Fetusmobile© Back In The Day I'd have done a header out the nearest window, even if it was only a car window. The image is bad enough when it's just sitting there quietly being a fetus, what if it started dancing and singing? EEEEEEEEEK!