Friday, March 07, 2008


Oh, geez... looks like I caught a flying wingnut, and this one's really spun a bearing. From my Yahoo mail just now, I was treated to a sick and sad spectacle as one Karol Karolak of "Fathers 4 Life", "Fathers_are_capable_too", "Dads In Action", "Mothers-in-exile", "Strangers In Paradise", "Fathers-in-Mothers", "Fathers-in-Fathers", yadda in yadda, put the cheetos aside and stroked himself to a shrieking ragegasm over my "asskicking" post yesterday.

"Karol" (who may or may not be the same "Karol Karolak" that posted 13 incoherent, return-key-challenged replies to this National Post article on abortion a couple of months ago) has thoughtfully taken it upon himself to do a mass-emailing of my post, complete with my picture, to MPs (thanks, pally, but I have a feeling they've already seen it). Failing to get the desired reaction out of the Libs, he's now posted it somewhere on the Snotgun, I mean Shitgun, I mean Shotgun Blog at the Western StandTurd. W00t! Busy guy! (Time to get a job, Karol.) From the initial exchange to the most recent, here we go!

Full disclosure: though Mr. Karolak's e-mails describe me as a "radical feminist", sadly, I'm not what anyone would consider a "radical" by any stretch of the imagination. But Karol, if it turns your crank to think I am, then by all means, knock yourself out. No no, I mean really knock yourself out. Literally. Maybe you'll wake up with a functioning brain stem.

(For the record, I've stricken Nunavut MP Nancy Karetak-Lindell from the shit-list, and offer her my sincerest apologies -- she was absent from the vote due to being stuck in her home riding in a snowstorm. Now that's an excuse I can get behind.)