Thursday, July 03, 2008

Well well well...

... look who stopped drooling and hyperventilating over the "Young People Fucking" movie long enough to emerge from under his shit-encrusted, semen-stained rock to bitch about Dr. Morgentaler's Order of Canada. Yeah, you know who: it's none other than that would-be censor of Canadian movies and self-appointed arbiter of all that is Pure and Moral, Chuck McVety:
"The Canada Family Action Coalition says it has filed an official request to have the Governor General strip Henry Morgentaler of his membership to the Order of Canada.

President Charles McVety says the abortion pioneer's conduct is unbecoming of a member of the Order of Canada."

Dr. Morgentaler's "conduct is unbecoming"? Oh yeah? How so?

"The coalition is citing the Constitution of the Order of Canada in its request and says Morgentaler's conduct fits the criteria to lose his membership.

The constitution states that termination of a person's membership can be considered if their behaviour "constitutes a significant departure from generally-recognized standards of public behaviour which is seen to undermine the credibility, integrity or relevance of the Order."

It also states that termination be considered if the member "has been subject to official sanction, such as a fine or a reprimand, by an adjudicating body, professional association or other organization."

McVety says Morgentaler's admission that he broke the law and the fact he had his medical license suspended for one year by the Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec means he should lose his membership."

Is that a fact!?? Why, you sanctimonious little fuck of a half-bright, twisted freak. Want to talk about lawbreakers and the Order of Canada? What about Conrad Black? He's such a lawbreaker that he's still in the joint, with his Order of Canada decorating the wall of his cell. The fact is, Dr. Morgentaler didn't just break a law; he stood up to an unjust law, helped millions of women in the process and cemented our reproductive rights as a result. What unjust law did Lord Tubby stand up to? Who has he helped? He's a common thief and a greedhead who got caught with his hand in the till. Certainly this is a lot more offensive than any lawbreaking Morgentaler's done, so why haven't you joined the NDP to demand Black's Order of Canada also be revoked? Because you're a hypocrite, that's why!

And hey, Chuck -- while we're on the topic of lawbreakers and dishonesty and all that, maybe we should talk about that "doctorate" of yours?

(h/t: Just Another Willy Loman)

EDITED: to add link to CNews which for some reason didn't appear the first time. D'oh!